Mini-Shelf System (Panasonic) vs PC Speakers (Klipsch)


Apr 9, 2012
I currently have the Panasonic SA-AK520 Mini Shelf System.

The sound is amazing, but I have had the unit more than 10 years and it is starting to show it's age, along with the fact that the speakers are biiiiig.

I'm looking at potentially getting a new set, maybe something like the Klipsch ProMedia 2.1

But, I am concerned about sound quality. I use this as my PC speakers in my room, so I frequently watch movies/tv shows, game, and listen to music (hard rock/metal, mainly)

I rarely turn on the Sub on my current system, as it can get too bass heavy in my current room.

Will the Klipsch be able to have equal/better sound than my current Panasonic? If not, can someone recommend a solution for under ~$200 that will have equal/better sound, but be smaller?



Dec 26, 2012
You are asking for an opinion. What you really need to do is get down to an electronics store that has a home theater dept and listen to some different setups. While klipsch make some outstanding speakers, I personally have found the rule of 'to each his own' to be especially valid. What you personally think is most important, and having great speakers you think sound like crap does you no good. I have a Panasonic 5.1 and think it sounds far better than the jbl it replaced, at less than half the cost and the speakers are barely bigger than my wallet.

So will the klipsch sound better? Maybe maybe not. Sorry it's not much of an answer, I think those little klipsch sound too tinny compared to my little pana's, but that's my opinion
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