Minolta Dimage A1 takes black pictures



I found my dads old Minolta Dimage A1 camera today, but it doesn't work. I thought it would be cool to try and fix it myself and get it working again, but I don't know that much about cameras. When you turn the camera on, everything works fine. I can navigate through the menus, adjust the settings, everything like that just fine. The problem is when I try and take a picture. When i take the lens cover off, both the LCD screen and the viewer? (the place you look through) are just black. I can still "take a picture" but it's just black on the screen when trying to view it. Even when i plug it into my computer and view the pictures that way, they are just black. I have come to the conclusion that it is definitely something with the lens, due to the facts. I tried to remove the lens, but i don't think it's possible. Does anyone have any advice or suggestions I could do? Anything is very appreciated.