Mixing audio between multiple sources into one?


Nov 22, 2016
Hi there! I have a general question to ask. First off I wasnt entirely sure if this was the correct category to put this in, but I took my best stab at it and here we are. I'm mostly a pc gamer and use third party applications like discord to communicate with friends.

I recently purchased an XBOX One X because of popularity of older titles and to play with alot of other people that I know well that dont PC game. Here is what I want to do. Usually two situations occur when I play my console; either 1: I play my xbox but while I'm playing it I want to talk to my PC friends or 2: I want to listen to music from my PC while I'm playing my game on my Console. Sounds tedious, but my console and my gaming PC are right next to each other.

Now I've done some productive research and here is what I know: I can get a HDMI receiver which will run me anywhere between $200-300 so I can use inputs and such which is the LAST option I want to look at. I also know that for around $100 I can get the logitech G933 wireless headset and that allows you to mix your audio via USB and 3.5mm right through the headphones.

My current setup is that I use my ASTRo A40s without the pre amp and connect the cable directly to my xbox controller via 3.5mm when I talk to my xbox friends, and then when I'm on my PC I have it split into audio out and in with an Audio Technica AT2020 as my main microphone.

TLDR: I want to put my xbox audio and my pc audio all into one headset, and I'm trying to look at all my options. I know that there are HDMI receivers which are expensive as well as the headset Logitech G933 that can mix audio, though can a headset like the Steelseries Arctis 7 wireless mix the audio or is there a much simpler way of doing it?

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Nov 5, 2013
You can connect XBOX sound OUT into PC's LineIN, set it to "Listen to this Device", then your PC will simultaniously play XBOX's sound, as well as it's own. So after tthat, you just connect your headset to a PC and it doesn't metter wired or wireless.
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