Question Mixing smart and dumb light bulbs

May 20, 2020
So first here is the situation - I have a ceiling fan that has up lighting on the top and the room light on the bottom, of course the fan is in the middle of the top/bottom lighting. There are no dimmable lights in the fixture nor a dimmer switch. On the wall you can control all the lights (all on or off) with 1 switch and there is a separate switch that controls the fan, on/ off. You can turn just the upper or lower lights on independently but only with the switch (pull chain) on the fixture itself. Here is the question(s) If I install color changing / dimmable bulbs (i.e. KASA bulbs) in the top portion how will that affect the bottom one (dumb bulbs) if at all? I am thinking it is a all or nothing situation because of the way the light works/is wired, meaning whatever command I gave the light it would attempt to do X with all bulbs in the fixture? Also if I replaced all the bulbs with smart ones would this make any difference I want to be able to control them (top and bottom) independently but again I am not sure if this is possible because of the light setup. Thanks!
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