Question Može mi pomoć oko laptopa (Can I get help with my laptop ?)

Oct 12, 2021
Upalila sam laptop i preko CD -a sam stisnula da se instalira Windows 7 i prekinula instalaciju i sad ga ne mogu pokrenuti piše mi nešto i samo se ugasi i sam se pali kako da ga vratim na staro pliz pomoć stiskala sam i tipku za paljenje i F 11 da ga resetiram i ništa opet isto pomoć molim vas imam slike na njemu važne hitno mi treba pomoć.

You must post in English. Google translation follows:

I turned on the laptop and over the CD I pressed to install Windows 7 and aborted the installation and now I can't start it it says something to me and it just shuts down and it turns itself on how to put it back to the old help I pressed the power button and F 11 to reset it and nothing again the same help please I have pictures on it important I urgently need help.
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Mar 10, 2016
Well, if I follow the Google translation correctly...You tried to install Windows 7 via CD, stopped it in the middle, and now for some reason your laptop is restarting over and over again?

On your laptop, hold the power button for 10 seconds so that it turns off completely.

I am not understanding- Why did you reinstall Windows 7 without having your files backed up somewhere? You can try to rescue your files by connecting your hard drive physically to another computer or by booting from a USB with a portable operating system on it and running legitimate rescue software on it (Assuming that Windows already formatted your hard drive since it was installing).

You will then need to reinstall Windows after reconnecting your hard drive to the laptop, after rescuing your files.
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