Question Mobile data stops working randomly. Only show top (uploading) arrow. How do I fix this?

Mar 13, 2023
Hello. So, my phone (OnePlus 6T) has been having problems with mobile data (Verizon) for a while now.
I can connect to mobile data and it says it has a good connection (half or full bars most of the time, and shows 4G LTE with the two up/down arrows), but randomly it will stop working. More often when I am doing something that requires more data use, but usually it happens with everything (games, videos, normal web browsing).
When it stops, it keeps it's connection and status (shows 4G LTE and has half or full bars), but the difference is that only the top arrow shows (only uploading), and because of that all mobile data/internet just stops.

I have tried rebooting the phone, resetting network settings, clearing the cache partition, turning on and off airplane mode, checked for and updated the phone, and other random small things, even taking out and reinserting the SIM card, but everything so far is only a temporary fix. The best thing I can do is turn on and then off airplane mode. Either way, everything only works for either a few minutes, up to a whole day. It's just random.
I use Verizon and have unlimited data. Even when the data is slow (or when it did get slow) it remained connected and still worked, but never this.
The only things I have yet to try is a factory reset, or getting a new SIM card.

I have searched around and found only a couple of people with the same issue, but the one solution didn't work and the other person never had their question answered.

What's the deal, how do I fix this? I have never had this issue before.
Any help would be appreciated.
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