Question Monitor 3.5mm jack producing very loud static sound.


Jan 13, 2011
I use my 2nd monitor to optionally run HDMI input for my Nintendo Switch. I have USB powered speakers that the monitor outputs the sound via 3.5mm jack, and after months of working fine, I go to turn it on and it's producing a very loud static/cracking sound.

I tested a brand new set of speakers and 3.5mm jack to rule that out, so it's the monitor. The weird this is, if I pull the 3.5mm jack out half way (so that it produces no sound, but then put pressure on the side of the 3.5mm jack, it will pick up audio perfectly. Of course, unless I rig someway to always put pressure on a jack halfway inside my monitor, it's not really a great solution. Any help?

Edit: So a part I didn't mention, the HDMI runs through a capture card, and that seems to be the problem. Probably delete this then.
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