Monitor with abnormal dark/white tones and weird color lines


Sep 21, 2015
Hi all! I'm new! it's a pleasure to be part of this community! I'm starting to get interested into the hardware repairing of desktop and portable computers and this web has proven to be very handy to me! =)

I have a HP Probook 4410s laptop and recently the monitor started working in an abnormal way, there is a dark (sometimes white) tone with disordered lines covering the whole screen, there is no image of my desktop and everything is on. I used an external monitor to check if it was a problem of the GPU or the motherboard but everything works ok outside my screen. Here, this is what it looks:

One thing I noticed is that the lines and tones tend to be motionless when I'm not using the laptop but as I try writing or moving the touchpad they begin to bounce and change. I removed the more superficial parts of the case and I reach the display cable that goes connected to the motherboard, the connection is right and I don't see any scratch that would indicate a visual cut in the wire, however, I'm not completely sure.

The sure thing is that as I move the cable, the tones and lines move stubbornly, but when I stop, everything turns black and quiet. There are no signs of a clear image of my desktop as I do these tests by the way, there are just black and white tones along with numerous color lines moving trough the whole screen.

What do you think is causing this trouble? it could be the cable? oh, one thing that did happen the day this started was that some drops of a glass of water that I had in the table fell accidentally over the screen but I cleaned that very quickly... Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

First thing first this is a 50/50 chance that it could either be actual LCD screen or the flex cables. The only way to diagnose this is first to replace the smallest part with is the flex cables that connect the screen to the motherboard. Next is to replace the actual screen if the replacement cable doesn't fix it.
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