Moonlight running better on LTE than WIFI


Jan 10, 2017
What the title says. Today I installed Moonlight on my Galaxy S7.. it ran extremely sluttery on my local WIFI (Tho with ethernet cable PC reaches stable 50 up 30 down). Decided to try it on my phone's LTE network and I got significantly better results. Still I doubt I can stream 1080p 60hz but 720p 60hz is a good start.

So question is this: What can I do to fix the massive slutter while connected to my local WIFI network? I forwarded all the ports that Moonlight required me to. Maybe there is some other option within the settings that I have to fix? Or maybe the router itself ain't good enough to stream games via WIFI.

Router is TP Link WR740N. Keep in mind that I have 2 routers in my home, and I'm using this as a AP.

Also just out of curiousity: How much data will streaming games over LTE network consume? Streaming YT videos already consumes a lot of data and I guess game streaming is going to be even more.


May 2, 2017
Sounds like a limited bandwidth problem, game streaming is always recomended to be used with ethernet. Sometimes congestion of the 2.4ghz frequency can slow you way down, galaxy s7 should have 5gz not sure about that router model, if available try using 5ghz. Your other question... Streaming gameplay at 1080p will probably eat through around 1.5-2gb an hour(rough guess).
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