Motorola's Touchscreen Phone a Verizon Exclusive

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Oct 15, 2008
Circuit City has while I was upgrading phones a few days ago.
Only certain areas of screen respond to touch through the clear cover.
The device isn't very attractive. Especially the large M medallion moulded into the clear cover. It's no i-Phone.

It felt slow and often times would select the wrong options.
The browser only works through the Verizon service, no wifi.

I didn't buy it, even though it was only $40 more than the phone I selected, and I like gadets.

But, even if I wanted a PDA/MP3 player/small touch screen web browser cell phone, I would buy an iPhone.

"Mr Jobs has no monopoly on innovation,"-Seidenberg CEO Verizon

Based on what I saw in this Verizon exclusive device...
I think Apple does have the monopoly on innovation!


Sep 11, 2007
I feel a large reason why the iphone is a success is AT&T let Apple, a company with user oriented expertise build the phone and software. Verizon has retained tight hardware control and completely locked down software. The article even cites the blackberry issue (probably the most open system on VZ) where they cripple the built-in GPS for greedy reasons. I have a friend who owned that exact blackberry and he paid early term fees to get out and buy and iphone 3G and he never looked back. VZ is highly anti-competitive and monolithic, its in the culture of the management there, so it will not go away for a while.

That being said Verizons focus on the network has paid off since they seem to have the most reliable coverage and EVDO seems a lot faster than AT&T 3G service at least where I am.
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