Mouse not working


Apr 22, 2016
When I connect an external keyboard(ps2-usb converted) to my laptop the inbuilt touchpad(mouse)stops working.It displays a message that the system has identified a new touchpad.The keyboard is a ps2 keyboard converted to USB using converter.When connected the keyboard works while touchpad stops working..

It seems like that the PS2-USB converter is causing that problem to happen. Have you tried using a USB keyboard instead with your laptop and see if it will work or not. Do also try to uninstall/reinstall the Touchpad driver while the keyboard that uses the adapter is connected.
- Go to Device Manager and uninstall the Touchpad driver.
- Reboot the laptop once uninstalled and it should reinstall the driver automatically.
- After the reboot do test it again and see if the same problem will persist or not.

Hopefully this steps will help. :)