MP3 file has been truncated from 2:38:00 to 0:00:16 on sd card


Feb 24, 2009
Hello there,
my apologies I this is not the place to come to but i have been searching for a forum to try with little success.
I recorded some student presentations this morning and went to download the files onto my computer to edit them. the finder was reporting the file length correctly at 2hrs 38 mins. Unfortunately the computer crashed while downloading and now the file is being reported as 16 seconds long. Nothing has been written to the card since so I assume the data is still there. Can you suggest any way of recovering it please. In the olden days of floppy discs I used to have to recover data using a sector editor but doubt if it will be so easy nowadays. Any help gratefully received.
Thank you.


You can run Recuva to see if you can recover the file but it seems the file was not deleted but corrupted, which is not good. A deleted file is one thing, a file that exists but is corrupted is another. It's better to have it be deleted since it can be restored. Unless you have the original file saved somewhere, the file you have is the one you have. Think of it as two papers. One you take into another room, the other you shred. Even if you have to look for the paper in the other room, if you find the room it's in, you can get the paper whole. If you have the shredded one right in front of you, it is much much harder to read the info from it.