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Drew McManus

Sep 2, 2015
I can't stress how much risk a buyer assumes when purchasing a machine from MSI. Their technical and customer support are terrible and you will be sorry at some point in time thanks to their inability to properly test hardware drivers for compatibility with OS updates. I own an earlier gen 27" AIO (AG2712A) and with every major update, I lose weeks of time via one or more nonfunctional components waiting for MSI to issue patch after patch of driver updates.

The most common culprit is graphics card drivers (which you have to use theirs, manufacturer provided drivers are not supported by MSI) so every conflict means weeks of being forced to use the completely unacceptable integrated Intel graphics driver.

Latest debacle: Even though MSI told users their machines were ready for the Win 10 update, turns out that wasn't accurate. Multiple patches later, none of the AMD drivers work and I've been without the use of my AMD card for a solid month thereby making this machine a very expensive paperweight.

In the end, it doesn't matter what a review says about their latest systems, the device will ultimately let you down due to ongoing compatibility and driver problems made worse by abysmal support and lack of allocating resources to necessary support and testing. Don't reward bad providers by purchasing their machines, go to someone with reputable service and legacy support. Buyer beware!
Not open for further replies.