MSI GE70 Dead and Alive! (Not taking power, but works on battery)


Dec 5, 2015
Hi guys,
My 2012 bought MSI Ge70 laptop is working and powers on normally on a replacement backup battery.

But it is not taking direct power from the wall. So first I thought the charger is dead, so bought a replacement charger, still the same.

So works on battery, doesnt charge battery or takes direct power.

What could be wrong? Motherboard corrupt?

Or could it be that the MB's power connector, the 'IC' or whatever is broken?

If it's a problem with a specific part in the MB (the power thingy) can this be fixed by a repair service?

Or am I looking at a new replacement board?

Or a *shudder* completely new machine?

Kindly give some suggestions so I can pursue this...

Thanks so much in advance...
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