Question MSI GE76 Raider

Nov 25, 2022
Full context :
i've had the MSI GE76 RAIDER for about 14 months now and due to a broken hinge I've opened it up to see what exactly was broken, also I wanted to the remove the screen until I got new hinge parts so I could avoid causing any damage to the screen (ironically I prob messed the whole screen up as well as I accidentally cut part of one of the ribbon cable ) - while disassembling I've ran into some issues like it took me a minute to remove the battery from the motherboard so I had to wiggle it left and right push out with some force - as well as when removing the heat sink connectors from the motherboard - which I ended up not removing.

After removing the needed screws I was able to remove the screen off from the bottom part and put the bottom part of the laptop back together and try to turn it on - didn't work .

I did all the needed permutation of the static discharge - nothing worked. the funny thing is that now the charger is making some humming noise which I don't remember wether this was normal or it started recently - I'm under the impression that there was some sort of short circuit and that the laptop is done but I would like to make sure. at this point I would love to just have the bottom part functional so I can game on my external monitor. Anyways any help is appreciated!


Dismantled laptop due to hinge problem, removed screen, Laptop is not turning on - charger adapter is making humming noise (which might just be normal since is not too bad and was probably happening in the past ) I've tried the 60 sec thing multiple times- is there a way to know if I burned something ?