Question MSI GF75 LCD Replacement

Jan 22, 2020
I have to replace LCD screen in my MSI GF75. There are no screens B173HAN04.2 with 30 pin in my country, and there are B173HAN04 which are 144 instead of 60 Hz and 40 pin connector. I have cable 40 pin to motherboard and 30 eDp pin to screen cable moden name K1N-3040115-H39. My question is; can I buy similar cable 40 to 40 pin insteaod of using 40 to 30 pin. Will it work?
No you need the correct part. Additionally, you need to make sure that your laptop can actually work with a 144Hz display or not before trying to install one. Just because the place that sells it says it will work, or because you want the change, doesn't mean it will actually work with your laptop. Sites will say a lot of things that aren't quite true. Always best to double check when it comes to parts.

Check with the manufacturer first to see if it will work (the 144 vs the 60).
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