Question MSI GL63 8SD Laptop has a power on/off loop at random times

May 14, 2021
This has just happened recently on 11/05/2021.
When I turned my laptop on, it appears to be in a power on/off loop, where the laptop will suddenly power on, before powering off a few seconds later, without even going into boot. However, this "loop" will automatically continue presumably infinitely.
Attempting to hold the power button to "break" the loop has broken it (powering it off), but is unsuccessful in breaking the loop.

Surprisingly, pressing multiple keys on the keyboard at once would stop the loop and have the laptop enter boot, before successfully logging in.

Sometimes while after logging in, the computer crashes with a black screen, without any crash information (just says an unexpected shutdown).

I'm not sure what's going on because having a power on/off loop may indicate a motherboard problem, yet after pressing multiple keys at once (with my palm), the issue is temporarily resolved (can shutdown and startup normally). However, the issue will still occur, but either randomly or after not using the laptop for some time. The fact that it can operate normally after pressing multiple keys at once makes the issue hard to figure out.
It's an MSI GL63 8SD, been using this for more than 1.5 years now. I also had installed an additional RAM stick (I installed it after using it for half a year with no issues) and replaced the existing NV.Me SSD and HDD with a SATA SSD and NV.Me (the latter due to a sudden SSD failure, but that's separate, and the SATA was installed months prior and had no issues).

I'm not sure what's going on with this.

Applying bottom pressure to the laptop has the same effect as pressing the keyboard in the middle. However as of 17/05, releasing pressure sometimes can cause the screen to "glitch out" and crash during boot.
As well as a loose screw-holder for the middle screw (the middle screw is the only thing holding it in place), this may have contributed to a loose motherboard (presumably) and thus a loose connection (?). This may heavily imply the crashes that occur after logging in may be due to the motherboard's loose connection, due to loss of pressure. I'm still not sure if it's really that or an internal problem, because other than this issue, the laptop functions as intended.
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