Question MSI GT72 No LED Dead! Possible charging port issue. Motherboards out help me diagnose!

Dec 28, 2020
Hey guys!

I have a MSI GT72 Dominator Pro G 6QE that has had issues randomly having a hard shutdown like as if the power went off in your house. Sometimes a simple reboot will be fine but now I'm stuck with a dead laptop. I read that lots of these have issues with the charging port since it uses the highest AMP power supply. At first I thought it was an issue with my ribbon cables for power button/usb's since they had missing pins or loose pins possibly shorting but I have since ruled that out of being an issue.

Time for the fun!! Here's all the evidence you guys need to help me diagnose this thing! (All these voltage tests were obviously done with the Power Supply plugged in. FYI I have two power bricks that are both 18.9-19.5V when tested. I have never amp tested since I can only test low amps.)

Power button: See's 0.3V only... volts go to zero when switch is depressed as it should. However I read online it's suppose to be 3.3V ish? I checked these results before the ribbon cable (on the motherboard itself) and after the ribbon cable (on the switch board). To me there's no issues here besides receiving a low voltage at 0.3V instead of 3.3V; not sure. No apparent grounding issues here when testing.

Battery Location on MB: See's about 0.9V-1V when testing the pins where the battery plugs in. This means that power is being transferred from the PSU to the Battery location. Whether or not 0.9V is enough I'm not sure...

Battery itself: Should be currently charged, however the laptop should start with the battery plugged in with no PSU, and it should start with no battery and only the PSU in which neither scenario will make the computer start.

Charging port: Here we go!! It consists of 9 pins. 6 test to be grounds and 3 test to Positive.
Testing voltage at the power pins when grounding to the power supply ground I get 19.5V as expected...
  1. Testing voltage at the power pins when grounding to motherboard (usb casing, or a bolt) I get 3.2V
  2. Testing voltage at the power pins when grounding to the casing of port I get 3.2V.
  3. Testing voltage at the power pins when grounding to any negative pin on the port I get 3.2V
  4. Testing OHM at negative pins to ground on motherboard tests fine.
  5. Testing power further down the board past the first ports test 3.2V
Scenario 2,3,4 I assume is telling me the power isn't making it through the charge port properly probably shorting inside only letting some of the power through? Also the charging port shows some small signs of shorting but nothing super obvious.
(Me thinking it's close to same voltage as the bios battery I tested with it removed as well just incase)

To me (who has no educated clue) I'm thinking there is power loss directly at the charging port. The reason for the power button switch only seeing 0.3V is because of the voltage loss at the port. Instead of the voltage transitioning from 19.5V to 3.3V for the power button ... it is instead starting from a low value of 3.2V and reducing further to 0.3V.

How can I 100% prove the charging port is the issue? What would be your next steps for diagnosing? Any opinion to help guide me besides "take it to someone" will be greatly appreciated!! :)

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