MSI GX60 Auto repair loop with SrtTrail, help!


Jun 3, 2016
Please, I am DESPERATELY needing help!
I have a MSI GX60 and today I was using it perfectly until I had a power cut and it blacked out due to low battery.
After leaving it charging for 15 minutes I turned it back on, it realized a disk recovery and rebooted, when the MSI screen popped up it said ''Entering automatic repair'' and after a while it says ''Automatic repair could not fix your PC'' and the SrtTrail.txt log error message.
I tried EVERYTHING I could, it cannot refresh my PC nor Reset it, it simply keeps me inside this auto repair loop with no other options.
It is a very expensive computer and It has a huge sentimental value to me, please guys, help me out, Im desperate....

Last resort right now is to do a clean install of Windows. If it came with a factory reset disc please do try running it and see if that will solve the problem or not. If it didn't come with a factory reset disc you could either just order one from MSI or create a bootable Windows 10 USB or disc and install it.

Here's how to create a bootable Windows 10 USB or disc

Here's how to install Windows 10:

If it will ask for a product key just use the one you have on the laptop.