MSI Laptop - Opinions on MSI Laptop Quality


Apr 26, 2014
Hello Everyone,

I'm buying a new laptop mostly for gaming - even though I will use After Effects, Photoshop and some other CPU intensive software - and I've already made my choice.

I'm on the maximum 700€ price range and I'm in Germany so if anyone knows a better model please take this two points in consideration.

On the main topic, my selected Laptop has the following characteristics:
MSI GE60-i550M245FD Gaming Notebook
CPU: i5 4200M
RAM: 4GB (I know that's not enough but I can find an extra 4GB memory easily and the laptop comes with 1 free slot anyway)
GPU: GeForce GT 750M (GDDR5)

A full description can be found here:

My main question is: I don't know anyone who have used a MSI laptop before so I don't know how reliable they are. I've searched for reviewes online and while 90% of the users say the laptops performed amazingly, some people say it came with defect and had problems with the Support from MSI.
The Laptop seems great to me, a far great improvement from my old laptop that recently burned, so gaming and working with the software I want is not an issue since my old laptop did it as well. I like the Cooler Boost feature and I think that will help the laptop cool of doing more intensive gaming but still, I'm wondering, is MSI - or this series in particular - reliable, with a good Life Span?
Can anyone point me if they had - or know someone who had - an MSI Laptop before - especially for GPU intensive tasks - and had a good life-span, reliability and performance? Any major faults I should be aware off?

Thank you in advance =)


Mar 15, 2014
MSI is a pretty good brand. They make pretty dang good computer componets. Im guessing they make good laptops. Having that GT 750M will be nice for graphic intensive tasks. If you can, go for a laptop with a GTX as that will make a difference. Anyhow, this looks like a pretty good laptop.