Multi-channel zoned audio


Aug 18, 2008
I am very interest to know what are some good mufti-room amplifiers that would power 8-ohm speakers (power channel amps 40-100 per channel) preferable for 12 individual channels all being able to balance the audio per channel via volume and possibly equalization if they make such a single unit. And also accept multiple units for different zones.

Next looking at having an Home Theater PC that would be able to provide the audio very clear such as with possible an Audigy card or if you know any other good high ones.

I feel like a noob at this but to outline the basic setup there is a house my parents bought that need a lot of work such as placing in drywall, and having some speakers in wall, some on the exposed brick and some within the ceiling. I have already taken in some consideration for wall mountable speakers and in wall/ceiling speakers.

Next question is about the actually speaker wire itself. Should peliumn be taken into consideration for the speaker wire, and the wire will need to be able hold up for all the speaker wiring will be in wall. And is it safe to put in the speaker wiring in brick; if not what is the best alternative to hiding the speaker wiring?

Seems like a loaded question but I really appreciate it fire away people.
You should check out the Nuvo Technologies Grand Concerto system. They also make something called a Music Port that with software converts a 5.1 channel audio board to a 3 zone 2 channel output and a 7.1 board to 4 zone output. The Grand Concerto controls the pc with very nice keypads with metadata readouts. Not to pricey for this type of system.
I don't think there is any easy way to hide speaker wire IN brick. Pick a different wall or go in the ceiling.
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