Multiple HDMI Inputs, Split Screen view


Sep 14, 2016
Not quite a question but a response to ...

This feature is now standard for many monitors. It is generally referred to as "Picture by Picture" The obsolete LG model 29EA93-P monitor supports doing this. While pricing it, at the low end there were many monitors in the $150 - $300 range with this feature. On occasion I'd see one for under $150 when unloading discontinued products.

For monitors over $500 with multiple inputs, this feature was so widespread that to me it might as well be standard.

A benefit for entertainment purposes is that you can connect 2 different systems[say a Roku and your PC] and watch a video on one part of the screen while working on the other. Generally you have the option to configure the percentage to assign for each input.

A more useful feature for me is that if you connect a single computer to both inputs - the computer thinks it is connected to 2 separate monitors both with the same resolution options. So multi monitor features like placing one application into full screen mode while using the other half for apps works. Generally I've found even the most advanced operating systems when they provide a "split screen" function fall over when it comes to that - as well as not allowing you to define the width for each side.

An additional feature of (some)LG monitors with PBP support is that you can download free special software such as ScreenSplit[].

ScreenSplit is a monitor DRIVER which can do the same thing in software for their supported monitors that PBP does in hardware. Even cooler is in addition to side by side, you can do a four by four grid - giving you "4" monitors on one screen. You can even be excessive and use both ScreenSplit and PBP at the same time in order to create eight seperate "monitors"... Other manufacturers provide equivalent software in the race for parity.

I've never used this software, from what I hear it can be flaky and it can kill performance since it's trying to do in software what hardware is better suited for.

Also I am not able to really use more then 2 "screens"/monitors. When I go from 2 to 3 I lose track of which monitor has which application window.
To split screen multiple HDMI sources on one screen.
For turning 4 monitors into one large screen just look for video wall processors
You can use VLC to spread a video over multiple screens

Justin Goldberg

Aug 4, 2014
I also have a follow up to

There's no cheap HDMI processors because of the 1 to 1 nature of HDMI encryption, which makes it impossible to process the signal. But I get where the original author is coming from, if I had an 80 or 60 inch TV i would like to have two things going on at once at 8/9 AR, or four things at 30 to 40 inches. Then someone else could watch something while I watch something else, or watch multiple games at once.

I guess if I want this feature then I should get a monitor with PBP rather than a big TV.

Something I haven't found is a way to take four monitors and turn them into one larger screen.
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