Murphy TV - Model 32883 ID TV HD LCD Won't switch on. Standby light flashes 10x

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On The Blink

Jun 22, 2015
My tv has been playing up lately. It took 20 mins for it to switch on yesterday after leaving it on standby and trying the power button every few minutes. Eventually the backlight came on and then the tv as it usually does. Today, however no such luck.

If I leave the tv off for 10-20 minutes and switch it back on again, the light-blue standby light will slowly flash on and off 10 times, then remain on. It won't switch on from either the remote or the manual buttons on the back of the tv. I removed all wires before trying just leaving the main power. I've also tried it in another plug in another room just to check the power outlet in the room it was in wasn't faulty.

The TV is a murphy - model number 32883 ID TV HD LCD

If anyone knows anything about this specific model and what the standby light flashing ten times means (error code for something specific maybe) I'd really appreciate your help.
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