Question Music file audio crackling depending on playback device


Jun 7, 2014
Hey, I'm new to this side of Tom's. I've been having strange issues with audio file playback that I cannot pin down why it's happening. Originally thought it was only through my car (got a new VW vs a 10+ yr old chevy i used aux all the time on) and discovered some audio files play back like they were downloaded wrong and crackle. But tonight I discovered it happens on other things depending on how its played back and I'm thinking its something to do with digital playback.

It's okay when I play it:
  • From my PC speakers, with or without USB headphones
  • From my phone, with or without aux cable headphones
It's not okay when I play it:
  • To my car (VW), through USB or bluetooth
  • To another car (Ford), through USB or bluetooth
  • From my phone with USB-C to USB-A adapter with USB headphone
  • To a JBL wireless speaker through bluetooth
The audio files are the same M4A type, one has been on my computer a number of years (that one plays fine [Madness by Muse], the other I recently downloaded [Give me the future by Bastille] but both transferred at the same time to my phone over the same cable (which is the same type and all as the one I used in my car). I've bounced from thinking its a file issue, to a cable issue, to format, to phone port; everywhere. I cannot figure this out and its killing me cause it always seems to be on a newer song I like and as an audiophile type, I like to listen to my music on the go.

Please help me out, I'm dying here.
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