My acer laptop was very slow so I decided to uninstall some programmes, I obviously uninstalled something important and now wh

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Couple of questions about the problem with your internet.
- What error do you get when you open your browser? (IE or Google Chrome)
- Do you see any red x on the network icon on the bottom right hand corner?
- Did it stopped connecting to the internet right after you uninstalled a program from your PC?

Do try a System Restore first to bring it back to an earlier date and time.
- Click Start then All Programs and Accessories.
- Look for System Tools and click on System Restore.
- Select the an earlier date or time before you uninstalled some programs on your laptop.
- Click Next then Finish and wait until it finish doing the restoration.


Oct 26, 2015
Hi thanks for the help. I tried a system restore and it said that there were no changes made to the computer so the restore did no happen
The problem was with internet explorer.
There is a red x on the network icon and the After I uninstalled some programmes I opened up the Internet and it said "you aren't connected to a network" I them clicked fix connection problems. And I it said I need an Ethernet cable, not sure as I didn't need one before and it worked perfectly fine on wifi.

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