My ASUS laptop now needs Password

skid lee

Dec 30, 2014
I purchased this ASUS U56E laptop at Office Depot on Jan 7 2012 and I have a work order in my name to prove it. This computer is not stolen, it belongs to me.
From the git go I NEVER used or needed a password to use the ASUS laptop..virtually every day for years...NO Password needed! just as I have been using this old Dell desk top..every single day now since the ASUS laptop crashed without having to log a password.

Fast forward almost 3 yrs.from the date of purchase and the hard drive (seagate garbage) in the ASUS laptop crapped out a couple of months ago.
I found instructions online to repair the hard drive so I tried it.. to no avail so I bought a new one from Crucial and installed it easily...NOW a window appears that wants a password! This is the first time I have seen this password prompt.

My trusted repair guy tells me today that there is just NO WAY that the password prompt appeared for the first time after I installed the new HD..but it did. He says that I HAVE TO HAVE been entering that password every single day I used the computer...but I didnt!

So now I am confused, how do I rectify this situation? The ASUS help line only recomended that they send a "technician" out to fix the problem for $149+ god only knows how much over the $149 Im going to have to spend. This is a bunch of crap...crap I am not authorized to fix but crap nonetheless.


Dec 17, 2012
ok. forgive me for rewriting what you posted but it seems like you glossed over part of the story, and i'd like clarification

your hard drive failed
you bought a new one
now the new hard drive needs a password

I assume you mean you bought a new hard drive, installed windows again, and now windows is asking for a password?
is that what you're saying happened? or did something else happen after you bought the new hard drive? I need the steps that happened between the purchase of the new hard drive to the point you're getting the password prompt. there is a bunch of stuff that probably happened there. and you'll need to explain it a little better to see if i can help you.