My asus laptopis having major power problems. My battery power was running low;


Jun 6, 2012
My asus laptop is having major power problems. My battery was running low so I plugged in the charger ; only to have the charger "zapped" and not work for approx. 15 mins. I tried again with another charger only to have the exact same issue. Now the battery is completely dead and I do not know how to fix this issue. Please help!
More than likely the power jack on the computer has gone bad. This is a common occurrence on laptops. Here is one guide on repair if you're inclined to try it yourself.
You tube also has videos which may be helpful - Try googling "laptop power jack replacement" note that all laptops do not disassemble the same (some are real easy, others are quite complicated)
If you are under warranty, Asus should take care of it, if not and you are not comfortable inside your laptop, most shops that will handle that type of repair will charge ~$100 for the job.