Question My Asus shuts off by itself after being started.

Dec 16, 2020
My Asus shuts off by itself after being started. As soon as I see the WiFi is connected, it shuts off by itself.

I have tried an instruction that was posted on Jun 10, 2017 without success.

The following are the instructions.

I live in NJ, if anyone can suggest a Asus service center near NJ is appreciated.

  1. Power off the laptop.
  2. Power on the laptop.
  3. As soon as you see the rotating loading circle, press and hold the Power Button until the computer shuts off.
  4. Repeat this process a few times until you see the "Preparing Automatic Repair" screen.
  5. Now you want to let the laptop boot to the "Automatic Repair" screen.
  6. Click "Advanced Options" and then select "Troubleshoot".
  7. Here you want to select "Refresh your PC", if you do not wish to erase data, or "Reset your PC" to erase all data and restore your system.
  8. From here just follow the screen instructions until the recovery is completed.
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