My Asus x501a is overheating when put on normal load


Mar 30, 2013
Okay, so its not my laptop to be exact, its my Fiance's. And when she goes on chrome and does regular internet stuff.. facebook ect, she's fine.. but it gets noticeably warm. (that's relatively normal) but when she for example.. watches a youtube video while she has another program in the background, the computer will run hot and overheat. The laptop came straight from Bestbuy like this.. and as far as we know, it hasn't been overclocked or anything. Its the Pentium D edition of the x501a. The occurance that caused me to post this thread was when I was helping ehr get an oldschool game she loves.. (GTA San Andreas) off steam. The gmae was downloading in the background and she put on a youtube video and 30 seconds into the video, the computer overheated and we shut it off for a little while. Its being used in a flat surface (glass table) and I've set the power settings to power saver so the CPU runs at the lowest factory settings for voltage.. but it still does it. Is there anything we can do? I'm pretty good with computers, so physical/ software options are okay. We'd rather keep it than bring it back for a refund/ trade in if we can. Thanks


Sep 4, 2007
pentuim D are super hot to begin with....its not a very thermal friendly cpu....i would upgrade to a new laptop....though some things might help reduce heat. only use on hard surfaces....laps, beds couch's retain heat and don't allow it to cool well. also try a can of duster in the vents to make sure the fan and heat sink are clean. beyond that there's not to much more you can do besides maybe geting a laptop cooler like this
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