My charger on lap top will not charge, but the lap top runs fine on power cord. The DVD drive stop working too.


Jan 1, 2014
Charger stop chasrging up battery, new Battery but computer works fine on charger .
DVD drive stop working too.
Is there a board that the two are on, beside the mother board?


Oct 2, 2013
how do u know its not charging battery? being a new battery u may have to discharge battery completely with windows on then recharge it to get the gauge to read correctly.(calabration issue) or does it say pluged in not charging which is a sign that battery is to warm to charge. could be a lot of things can u give any more info.


Oct 21, 2013
You don't need to discharge a battery completely. Even though there's a built-in protection in every lithium-based battery that won't let the battery empty, discharging a battery to 0% is a bad advice! To make Windows gauge the battery correctly, just discharge it to, let's say 10% or so. It's enough.
Discharging a battery completely works on old-fashioned nikel-based batteries.
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