My Dell Intel core i3 4th gener after every 2-3 minutes. To solve this issue I opened and cleaned all parts except display. Th

Sep 8, 2018
Question from misbahkhattak175 : "My Dell core i3 4th generation turns off after every 2-3 minutes. To solve this issue I opened and cleaned all parts except d"

My Dell Inspiron 1545 turns off after every 2-3 minutes. To solve this issue I opened and cleaned all parts except display. The problem is not solved. I know the fan is not working properly for few(6-7) months but there was no problem either as i have fix new ram of 4GB and also remove all short from p.c. But When I turn on laptop,the problem start after every 10 minutes and then decreasing continuously and final a stage reach that fan starts for like 10 seconds then stops and system starts normally, there is no lag and everything goes fine for few minutes and then automatically screen and system goes off. Note: I am using laptop in cool environment. What can be the problem?
I can hardly feel any temperature changes during this procedure.
One more thing, when I start laptop after long time it works for 5 minutes then if I immediately turn it on again it lasts for 1 min. After that it cannot even start properly then I have to wait for hours to turn it on.
Battery of my laptop is working properly. The same thing is happening while plugged in and on battery power.
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