Solved! My friend knocked over his laptop


Feb 7, 2010
My friend knocked over his laptop and now right be4 the windows starts to load and logo should appear the screen goes black, no sound no nothing after restart it loads just fine up to logo part I was even able to get into bios. I tried pulling out the hard drive and reinserting it but that did nothing :??:

What could be the problem?


Aug 15, 2006
Yeah, its likely physically damaged the HDD. New laptops have sensors that will shut off a HDD in almost an instant if they detect a loss in gravity for example. Ie when you drop it. This usually prevents much of the damage, but older laptops usually won't have this.

The only real option is take it to a shop = $$$$
Or start replacing parts starting with the hdd = $$
In situations like this, it could be a variety of things. But the first place to start would be the hard drive, which you have done. Hard drives, especially mechanical ones cannot take much vibration wise, hence the issue, perhaps. If you have a spare enclosure laying around, you can try and see if it will read when hooked to another computer. You could also try it in another computer and see if you get the same results.


Feb 7, 2010
kk ill tell him to try different hard drive, do u think the computer would be able to load into bios if motherboard was damaged?


Jul 14, 2006
Almost certainly the hard drive is damaged. It is easy to replace the hard drive yourself so no need to take it to a shop. However if you need to recover the data then specialist help may be needed.


Feb 3, 2007
Well, just to make sure nothing else is damaged, download a Linux Live CD and play around with it. If you get any problems, then something else is damaged along with the HDD. But the chances are, only the HDD is damaged. You should be able to replace this easily. You may even be able to use the same HDD assuming only a few sectors are damaged.


Sep 2, 2010

Well,generally speaking this issue may occur if one of the following conditions is true:
Cause 1
This issue may occur if you have a CD, a DVD or a floppy disk in your CD, DVD, or floppy drive when you start the computer.
Cause 2
This issue occurs if one or more of the following elements are corrupted and will not load during the boot sequence of the computer:
• Master boot record
• Partition tables
• Boot sector
• NTLDR file

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