My Girlfriend Laptop Wont Start ACER aspire E1

Jan 1, 2015
She's using acer aspire E1. She's been using the computer but we noticed that if you move the laptop it would turn off, or maybe it was the battery (we don't know) but just yesterday it suddenly jam and some lines appeard in the screen then turn into black screen! After i have to forced it shutdown by pressing the on button. Then when i on back the laptop its shows nothing on screen but i can see the power button is there. Is there any solution? MotherBoard problem? Or graphic card? Or others? This been happened several times. The last time that it showed something it said that the computer had to be restarted and there, it died, i can hear the fans, and the little lights blink and all of that but there is no nothing on the screen (all black) please help, semester is about to start and there is a lot of online classes, thanks


Feb 26, 2016