Question my GPU fans stop spinning until I reset the battery on Acer Predator Helios 300

May 23, 2022
I have the acer predator helios 300, PH315-52-78

I was playing a game, valorant, if that helps when the game became fully black and I couldn't alt tab. I think it might be because the GPU overheated since today was a particularly hot day. This has happened more frequently recently.

After turning my laptop on again, the GPU fan wouldn't start. It was stuck at 0rpm, as I saw on the predator sense software. I found that once I unplugged the internal battery, turned on the laptop again, turned it off, plugged in the battery again, and then turned it on, while it was NOT connected to the charger, the fan would start spinning like normal.

Can someone help me figure out what type of issue this might be?

I'm stuck between replacing my GPU fan or my battery

The GPU fan makes a rattling noise, the ball bearings are degraded from what I found online

But, otherwise, the GPU fans function normally. In addition, messing with the laptop battery causes it to go back to normal which makes me think it might be something with the battery.

The battery also drains while I have the laptop on max performance, or turbo mode, as it's called in the predator sense software, while I have it plugged into the charger.

In case this is related, I've also experienced this laptop having a few, infrequent, BSODs over memory issues. Running the windows memory testing software returned nothing, but that was without a deep scan.

The last time this happened, the GPU fan would also ramp up to max on startup and then quickly go down to normal, but this problem has stopped since the last time I had to reset the battery.

From what I've searched up, this might be a BIOS issue, but, I'm not sure how I would fix it. I tried going to the advanced repair settings during startup and resettings bios settings from there, but that didn't seem like it did a lot

Let me know if there is any other information I should provide
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