My hp laptop dvd player wont read dvds but reads cds


Nov 6, 2012
My HP laptop DVD player wont read any DVD, but it reads CDs. The problem began when I introduced a DVD containing many movies. when I introduced it in my laptop, the DVD player turned at a higher speed and exhaled an abnormal noise.

I immediately ejected the DVD but it was worthless because since then, it no longer recognizes any DVD, but CDs are okay. when I put in a DVD, the machine doesn't recognize it or when it recognize it it shows that the DVD is blank though it it is not blank.

I used to consult a technician thinking that the lens of DVD player were damaged, but, he assured that they aren't.

Please, can you help me to fix this problem?

The laptop is an HP with windows 7 and AMD (sempron) processor of 2GB

Thank you