My HP Laptop Won't Start on First Attempt - Windows 10


Aug 20, 2015
Hi, can someone help me?

I have a low-end HP laptop (HP 14 Notebook PC, Intel Celeron CPU N2920 @ 1.86GHz, 4GB RAM, Windows 10 Home 64-bit, recently upgraded from Windows 8).

After I upgraded to Windows 10, all of a sudden my laptop will not start when I switch it on. The screen goes black (there are no flashing lights on the keyboard, but the power light remains on, and sometimes, the hard disk drive light flashes on). The screen is completely black as if there's no electricity running through it.

To get my laptop to start, I have to turn it back on and quickly press F11, then select "American Keyboard", then select "Return to Windows 10". Then CheckDisk runs to repair the hard drive. After a minute, I can log into Windows 10. I have to repeat this ritual every time I turn on my computer.

Does any of the above resonate with anyone? Suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks.

I would suggest on rolling it back to Windows 8 then see if the same problem persist after doing so. If it doesn't happen in Windows 8, do upgrade it back to Windows 10 since there might had been some interruptions when it was on the process of upgrading to Windows 10. Worst case is you need to refresh Windows 8 first to Factory settings then reinstall Windows 10 after.