My internal SDCard was completely corrupted


Sep 23, 2014
The internal SDCard 16Gb on My Samsung Galaxy I9000 was completely damaged. After I add an External SDCard and reinstall the Android (Ver 2.3.3) the phone started working again but the Camera and some other applications don't work (such as Waze).
In addition, the computer isn't identifying the external MicroSD when I connect it via the USB connection.
Please help!
Some apps may not be working because they no longer support the version of Android you are running. Most of them are designed and updated to work with the latest Android build, and maybe the most recent two or three builds. They'll generally state this on the app's page itself. Perhaps you could update to the latest build?


Sep 23, 2014
I don't think so!
The Camera application want to see the /mnt/sdcard directory but it is not mounted. As I understand, the fstab (vold.fstab) should be mount this directory but I don't know how to do it.
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