My lap toptook longer than his usual

Aug 27, 2018
Todayi wanted to use my lap top and I open it up and proceeds I did I noticed that the last time I try to pull it up the Wi-Fi was not on it so today I press the power button it took longer than usual for it to come on then it popped up the screen came up and it worked said Dell then poped up the. . Pictures so I went to the middle of the screen as usual clicked on it to pull up where I can put my PIN number in I put my pin in then it went off and I can't get anything back on it can you please help me with this
Can't sort out what the issue is, you may want to have someone local to you look at it or re-word the post so it's understandable. You are talking about pictures and PIN but that is just confusing about what you are looking at.