Question My laptop boots after several times

Oct 1, 2021
My laptop (acer aspire v nitro) will turn on after several tries. I press the power button and the laptop reboots itself several times before starting Windows.
I got my computer from my brother and the laptop has always done this from the moment I received it, but I have no way of asking him if the laptop has done this before.
When the laptop is plugged in, it does the same thing, but sometimes when I plug in the laptop before starting it, the laptop starts up the first time.
The battery in the laptop is already bad. Is there something wrong with the motherboard or do I need to replace the battery? What should I do now?
Thank you in advance
Oct 1, 2021
I did quick checks and it says that ram, hdd and battery is in "Good" status (program cant check my ssd) but I don't have option of a "long test". Also, this program gives an option to reset my PC (only reinstalls Windows I guess), so should I do it?
When laptop is warm laptop is not rebooting or is doing it but so rarely.
Thank you so much for helping me!
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