My laptop doesn't boot properly after updating BIOS


Feb 21, 2016

I updated the BIOS on my msi GE62 2QF to the latest version. I followed every step that was instructed by msi and in the end it said the update was successful.
But I couldn't boot my laptop anymore. After msi logo It just went to bios every time I restarted it or switched it on. No windows boot, no boot from DVD ROM either. I checked the boot order priority on BIOS and everything looked OK.
changed the SATA mode and it didn't work.

Then I set the boot mode on Legacy and then it could actually pass the BIOS and boot to windows or DVD rom. but the windows was broken (I don't know why. it was working fine before BIOS update)
I had to install a new one. so I installed a new windows and everything is working fine for now but I have to keep the boot mode on Legacy to have a normal boot. if its on UEFI, its the same story again. doesn't boot windows, DVD ROM, USB Flash or anything else again and it goes to BIOS every time. even if I set the priority right.
I don't know what's the problem here. should I get back to my older BIOS? if yes, then how? older version is not on msi website anymore.
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