My Laptop Fans Suddenly Jumped to Max Speed and Won't Stop


Jun 22, 2010
I was just minding my own business, typing a post on Facebook, when all of a sudden both my CPU and GPU fan start spinning at full speed, and won't stop. I put the computer to sleep then woke it up, and immediately the fans went straight to full speed. I restarted, and the fans never slowed down through the entire process. I shut the computer off, then turned it back on again, and immediately on boot the fans shot to full speed. I've checked my temps; both chips are cold and idle. I have no explanation for this. And I have no fan control in my BIOS. There doesn't seem to be any danger, but I'm pretty sure the fans will wear out very fast at this rate. There is no motor, the fans are magnetically powered, so maybe not, I dunno. But it's sure as hell annoying to have all that noise.

Running Windows 7 on a 2 year old Sager NP-something. I can't recall the exact model number. Might be 3220 or 2330.

Any ideas? Because I'm stumped.

PS. To be perfectly clear, there is absolutely no heat issue. CPUID reports all normal temps, and I can't even feel warmth on the chassis under the chips because they're so cold. Cold air is blowing out the exhaust ports. I just turned it on after leaving it asleep for hours and the fans instantly jumped to max and still will not stop.


Mar 23, 2014
Looks like you are out on a limb same as myself. I have a customers HP DC7600 SFF desktop that is doing the same thing as your laptop! It is so bloody loud and basically unusable because of the noise. I have done everything I know to do besides tossing it to the curb. I updated the BIOS, took everything off the motherboard except what was needed to fire it up. Replaced the fan/heatsink etc. I'm at a loss as to what to do to fix this issue! Good luck!!
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