My laptop is suddenly super slow and mostly all games stutter.


May 2, 2017
My specs
i5 7300hq 2.5 ghz
Gtx 1050ti 4gb
8gb ram

There was no problem when I first bought my laptop everything ran great but then I do not remember if I changed any setting but my PC became really slow most games became super stuttery but some games worked fine. Please I have found this website to be very helpful but now I need help.
There is no overheating issue or hardware.
I thought about doing a clean install of win 10 but I have a lot of data and programs and games that I can't backup. My internet speed is not good as well. My brother had a worse laptop than me some time ago and he had no stutter in games that stuttered on my laptop for example far cry 5,it ran horribly it would get 90 fps and they would go to 8 or 20 fps every time my character even walked but the whole game ran perfectly for my brother. I need your help save my sanity.