My laptop keyboard becomes unresponsive after I login.


Aug 30, 2015
So I recently had a small scare in which a little bit of water spilled onto my laptop. That's not the issue, it was quickly resolved and I didn't have any water damage done. However, even though it wasn't very much water at all I still panicked, and during the frantic moments of me holding my laptop upside down and dabbing water off of the keyboard [I did immediately unplug it, but there were a few moments of random button mashing before I also popped the battery out] I managed to press many keys at random. During this rapid key pressing session a few things happened to my computer. One of them was my WiFi was turned off and I had to go in through the systems preferences to turn the WiFi back on to use the Internet. That one I've done before and I knew how to fix. However I'm afraid I've also somehow managed to make my laptop keyboard unresponsive. I can use it to log into my computer at the start but after that it refuses to work. I can't even use Ctrl Alt Delete!

The row of fn keys at the top of my keyboard do work for their other purposes, like turning my volume up and down, but not as fn keys because the fn button at the bottom of my keyboard is as unresponsive as the rest of my keyboard.

I'm not sure why that top row will work, but none of the other keys will. My number pad, any of the numbers and letters on the main keyboard, my Windows key, nothing.

I've checked through many things, it's not Sticky Keys, Filter Keys, or anything like that. I've plugged in both a wired and wireless keyboard so its not keyboard damage because neither of those will work either; besides if it was because the keyboard was damaged it wouldn't work to login right?

I'm afraid I'm at a loss as to what else it could be.
I have been using speech recognition to type things while on my computer but that gets annoying very fast.
Any help????


Dec 2, 2015

I have the same problem as Lukahhhhhh. Exactly, except no issue occurred at the outset. No water, no key mashing, but otherwise, same problem. I have windows 10 (installed on July 30, 2015) and everything was fine with the computer and keyboard and it suddenly stopped working. Every key I push...there is an unusual, quiet clicking sound. The Laptop is a dell 1737 (I believe) and has a touch screen. The touchscreen works and I can type on the touch screen with the on screen keyboard. The backlights on the keyboard work fine. Any suggestions? Teri