Question My laptop showes blank screen randomly

Oct 11, 2019
I have a Sony vaio svf14212cxw.
It had a problem that it didn't detected the battery but i was still able to use the laptop with the ac power adapter plugged in and it worked just fine.
Recently it started showing Blank screen (the screen turns on but there is nothing on it) randomly. Booting it up it doesn't even show the vaio logo and doesn't shows any thing in bios as well.
It does it on its own and i don't if it is necessary or not it used to turn on just fine after it is turned on after an hour or so. It even went from the screen working just fine to showing nothing even if i restarted and sometimes used to get fixed by me removing the battery and the power adapter with the hardisk and the ram and
It is likely the cable that connects the display, the display itself, or the GPU that is the problem.

Try this...

  1. Turn the laptop off (not sleep or hibernate but off).
  2. Connect an external monitor to the laptop.
  3. Turn on the external monitor.
  4. Turn on the laptop.
NOTE: You may have to press an "external monitor" button. Could be the f4 button or a button with two monitors on it, for the external monitor to work.

If you can see fine on the external monitor, and it never goes out like the attached one does, then your attached display, or the ribbon cable that connects it, are your problem.

However, if you can't see on the external monitor at all, or the problem occurs on the external monitor as well, then it is probably the graphics card/GPU that is the problem, which may require the motherboard be replaced.
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