My laptop started overheating about a week or so ago and I can't figure out the issue?


Mar 26, 2012
I describe the problem here

and I've talked a little as well with another guy who tried to help me but I can't seem to figure out what the problem is. As a note, I did only reset the computer through the windows boot option, and I didn't use dban or something like that and reinstall from a fresh disk, so maybe the option for a virus is still there? I also did order a can of compressed air and new thermal paste which should be arriving but like the guy said in the reddit thread, I don't think it would help much. Any help would be appreciated!!!

I'd also like to say that my graphics card is also facing this issue, and it's hugely overheating. Here's a picture of the temperature graph, the first run up is because I played starcraft 2 on medium, which for a i7-3610 and 7970m should not be that taxing at all.