my laptop turns off as soon as i pull out the charger and the battery icon shows 'plugged in,not charging.

Rafiqul khan

May 9, 2017
i was doing some work in my laptop and it was 76% and charging but when the current went off my laptop turned off suddenly and i was shocked .and now i have to plug in to do my works and wont work without charger so i opened and tried to see for myself if there were any burnt circuit and there weren't any . what might be the actual problem and how to solve it.
Well try seeing if the battery will charge when the laptop is plugged in but turned off.

If it will, then the problem may well be the charger is not putting out enough power to both charge the device and run it. So it would need to be replaced.

However, if it won't charge, no matter if the device is off or on, then you probably need a new battery.



May 7, 2017
I've had this problem in the past. Most of the time, it's either due to battery age (doesn't seem like the case if it has held a charge recently) and I've run into the problem of 'plugged in but not charging.'

Sometimes this issue resolves itself by a combination of plugging and unplugging the charger and restarting. Various combinations can be used without doing any damage to the laptop until it begings charging again.

I would advise detaching the battery with the laptop turned completely off and unplugged. Then plug in, turn on. Turn completely off again, reinstall battery and turn on once more.
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