my laptop vga seems crashing whenever it play games or hd videos

khobs chris

Sep 3, 2015
my acer aspire 5920 freezes whenever i play hd videos or play games, and when i restart it the video driver gets corrupted ,so i use the basic display drivers which doesn't detect all of my VGA memory only displays 250MB of memory available whenever i check.but when i install direct x 9 ,it comes back to normal displaying the approximate available memory of 1525MB but it still goes back whenever i try to play games or watch hd videos...guys plsss i need your help..
The Aspire 5920 is an eight-year-old laptop, so support for its components may have become spotty in recent years. However, the GeForce 8600M GT graphics card driver is still regularly updated by nVIDIA. This link contains the latest (August 24, 2015) drivers for your graphics card, if you are running 64-bit Windows 7 to 8.1:


Could be heat issues, but very likely it's just a bad video card, happens quite a bit. Unfortunately there is no way to fix that without a motherboard swap. For an old laptop you are better off just replacing it. A used newer laptop would cost less then a new motherboard and labor to replace it.