My lenovo G505 will not start because of the windows 10 install restarts

Brad hitchmough

Aug 15, 2016
I was doing the required restarts for windows 10, it managed to get too 47% of what i last saw, theupdate screen was a sky blue colour, all of a sudden all i see is black in the corner of my eye, first thought was a standard restart, 10 mins later still no reboot. I check if the fans a re spinning, dead still, no battery charging lights no screen lights no noise what so ever from my laptop. Its completly turned off. I need to know how to get it back on, ive tried holding the power switch for a few seconds, nothing. Ive tried spamming shift F8, nothing ive removed the battery, nothing works. I paid £100 to basically destroy a £600 laptop.

This laptop is a major source of income and right now i cant afford to replace it. Any advice will be checked too the dot please i need this help, thank you for the time reading, hope someone can help me thanks