Question My Lenovo laptop not booting until it gets to a normal working temperature

Mar 27, 2020
Hi, I thought to leave a post regarding issues I have with my laptop as it is a problem I encountered first time in my life and maybe someone could have any idea how to fix it.

My laptop model is Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro with Windows 10 Home edition installed

More then a half year ago my son have been playing some game on it and suddenly without warning throw up all his lunch over the laptop keyboard. Laptop was still running normal while I cleaned all that was on top of keyboard and then I switched it off. As I was scared that some of it came inside I opened the laptop to find out there hasn't been any visible ingress in the motherboard compartment, as the keyboard is more or less sealed. I haven't proceed with dismantling the hardware as everything inside looked fine so I assemble it back.
But when I tried to powered it up an error came that "Default Boot Device Missing or Boot Failed" with instructions about recovery procedure
When I went to Bios I found that Hard Disk is [Not Detected]
Then I thought that maybe while I was opening the laptop a hard disk (SSD) came loose so I opened it again but hard disk looked inserted all the way in.
To cut story short laptop managed to boot at some point and at that time I thought it was because I played with its position, as it would boot each time when I had the keyboard vertical and bottom cover removed. After it boots it works normal in any position until it goes to hibernation, then the same boot error starts again until somehow by flipping it over and removing bottom cover it manages to start again.
Eventually I found out that I don't have to do all that flipping stuff and removing bottom cover, but just turn it on and wait until I feel a slight heat at a top left corner which always takes for about 10 minutes max. and than it starts normal and works normal until it cools down again which happens when it goes to hibernation. I am using it like that for more then half year but decided to finally ask a question on tech forum like this. Maybe someone have any idea how to fix it. I do think that maybe it's not related at all with my son throwing up over it, but maybe after me opening it that some soldering cracked somewhere and when it heats up it makes contact again, but not sure where to look.
Any ideas?
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