My lenovo laptop will not charge after a certain percentage


Aug 14, 2013
I've had numerous issues with this laptop such as the plugged in not charging problem. Given that the issue (3 years)(New battery, New cord, Microsoft acpi still no luck) has been constant i've lost hope, but recently the battery charged up to 97% again. This rules out that it could possibly being a motherboard failure because it charged up to 97% percent again. Currently I am running with 97% plugged in charging, but it will not go pass that. What makes this interesting is that it started charging after my router tower failed on me, and I was without internet for 6 hours.


Nov 16, 2015

I'm not sure, but at least my MSI gaming laptop has battery calibration software which fixes this.

To be real it only fixes indicator. Over time battery cells die, the size of the battery shrinks. What that software does is set the battery maximum level to match how many good cells are left there.

So basically my laptop charged only to 92% and after the calibration it charges to 100%. But that 92% becomes a 100% if you understand what I'm saying.
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